Secure Your Child’s Holistic Development With Montessori

Upon reaching 2 or 3 years old, a child’s basic development kicks in. This period onwards is the most crucial for parents and guardians. They must be involved in helping and guiding the child develop multiple aspects of his being, namely motor skills, verbal skills, gait, and posture as well as social and interpersonal skills. A lot of parents are not aware that this age is the most crucial, for a child’s optimum development to be achieved. Luckily, Montessori schools are equipped with a system that targets your child’s holistic needs. Below are five practical reasons why enrolling your child at a Montessori school would prove to be most beneficial.

1. Mental Skills Development

A child needs constant guidance in terms of developing his mental skills, especially since this is the age that he is most curious of the world around him. Enrolling your child in preschool between ages 3 or 4 will not only give him a guided exposure of his surroundings but will also allow experts and educators to determine his progress in terms of mental development.

2. Artistic Skills Enhancement

Preschool age is the ideal time to determine what talents and artistic gifting your child has. Your child’s potentials and interests will shine through when the time comes for participation in art, music, language, and sports classes. Being able to determine what fields your child excel in will help you make a more targeted approach in honing and enhancing the natural talents that he has. You can choose to have your child enrolled in special classes that are geared toward unleashing his inner potentials.


3. Physical Skills Advancement

Exposing your child to an environment that promotes play and movement will help in the development of both fine and gross motor skills. Since most, if not all, schools are equipped with playgrounds and other sports materials, your child will be able to exercise his strength and agility in running around and playing with the other kids. Montessori schools also offer physical education activities that will guide the students towards healthily exercising and exerting their bodies.

4. Social Skills Enrichment

Social skills are best developed during the preschool years. A lot of the social problems that grown-ups are saddled with stem from underdeveloped socialization during their earlier years. Exposing your child to other children of various ages, as well as teachers and other parents, will help them harness a sense of security amid crowds and groups when they grow up. Montessori schools also help in developing how your child should relate and respond to both his peers and elders by teaching proper values and basic etiquette.

5. Proper Values Education

Discipline is not something that kids should only learn at home or from their parents. They should also be taught to respect other people around them. Enrolling your child at an educational institution will not only help him garner additional knowledge on the right attitudes and virtues as taught at home but also exercise them in a diverse setting. Training a child early on about good manners and right conduct will go a long way in shaping and molding his future character.

Preschool education is indeed a must in securing your child’s holistic development. Go for a school that is tried and tested to produce favorable and beneficial results in the development of their students. Remember, it’s never too early to learn.

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